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WARRANTY UPGRADE -- Street Grade Polyurethane, Torq S3/S6 Passenger Side Engine Mount (SURE0524, SURE0533)

Component(s):  Street Grade Polyurethane
Product(s):  Torq S3 Passenger Side (SURE0524) & Torq S6 Passenger Side Engine Mounts (SURE0533)
Application(s):  2004–2011 Mazda3, 2007–2009 Mazdaspeed 3, 2010–2013 Mazdaspeed 3, & 2006-2007 Mazdaspeed 6
Affected Date Range: May 2012–November 2013

SUMMARY:  The bushing housing of the Torq S3/S6 fastens to the cylinder head.  Heat from the cylinder head penetrates the Street Grade polyurethane bushings.  When exposed to extended heat, the lifespan of the bushings was being reduced (more information). 

CONCERN:  Due to exposure of extended cycles of heat, the Street Grade polyurethane bushings may fatigue at an accelerated rate.  Because of this, a reduction in performance or breakdown of polyurethane bushings can cause increased noise and vibration in the vehicle cabin.

REMEDY:  SURE Motorsports will upgrade affected bushings to the new Class 1 polyurethane compound at no charge.  The Class 1 bushing is the new SURE Motorsports Street Grade polyurethane.  The Class 1 compound has improved rebound properties by increasing compression strength and material memory.  Heat tolerance has increased to 165 degrees Fahrenheit operating with a peak of 210 degrees.  This new bushing went into Passenger Torq S3/S6 Engine Mounts November 2013.  New additional Class 2, Class 3 bushings will be available in 2014 for vehicles over 300 WHP.  

ACTION:  Inspect the Passenger Torq S3/S6 bushings for signs of fatigue.  Contact SURE Motorsports to process a warranty.

NOTES:  Torq S3/S6 Driver Side Engine Mount polyurethane is not affected. 

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