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// The History of SURE Motorsports


SURE Motorsports was founded in Longwood, Florida, by dedicated Mazda enthusiast, Cullen Mariacher.


"We set out to provide a better product for the Mazda aftermarket performance industry. I wanted to see high quality, American-made products with a lifetime warranty. It would be a lot of work, but we were up for the challenge."

We identified components that would improve the driving experience for the Mazda owner.  These early products were the beginning of our Mazda performance product line. 

Prototype Torq R6

Prototype Torq R3

Sidewinder technical drawings

Early production run Sidewinder

The original SURE Motorsports logo was used on limited products.


We continued to grow, expanding our knowledge of the Mazda platform and refining our product line.

Prototype Aeros MAF housing

Pre-production Aeros MAF housings

Early Aeros and Sidewinder installed on test vehicle

First production run of the Aeros Intake System

Our team moved operations into a new commercial facility in preparation for the launch of the SURE product line. 

Blueprint for the new facility

Interior build-out begins

With over 2 years of research and development, SURE Motorsports was finally ready to enter the market. 


We officially launched in September of 2010 with 7 new performance products for Mazda vehicles.

The second SURE Motorsports logo was introduced in 2010. This branding introduced the iconic "SURE Blue" branding.


Throughout 2011-2012, we were focused on product development, brand recognition, and refining the SURE experience (video).  Our product development process became more efficient as we introduced the use of a coordinate measuring machine and 3D printing. Our product catalog expanded to over 30 products.

Advanced product development

Juggernaught 3D printed prototype

Torq R3 pre-production prototype

Dreadnaught pre-production prototype


SURE Motorsports set out to refine and thoroughly review its engineering process and all SURE Motorsports products on the market.

Our product line grew to over 50 products for Mazda vehicles.

We completely revamped all of our polyurethane products to meet the highest performance standards, regardless of use.

We wanted to provide an intimate view into our operation.  Enter, a look inside of what we do on a day-to-day basis. 
SURE HQ Blog Homepage


We established our sponsorship program, which assists the performance needs of Mazda owners and race teams alike. We invite dedicated and spirited Mazda drivers to join the SURE Motorsports Sponsorship Team.

A biased article created several unwarranted product concerns for us in 2013.  A full analysis can be read here: the White Papers Analysis.

In late 2013, we introduced our code of commitment to promote the betterment of everything Mazda. View The Code


We partnered with C.J. Wilson’s Children’s Charities, a 501(C)(3) organization that benefits children in need across the nation. Learn More

The SURE Motorsports product line consists of over 70 products for Mazda vehicles, and continues to grow.

From the beginning, we've believed in thinking differently and challenging the status quo with everything we do. We are dedicated to designing American-made products that are built to last a lifetime and enhance your Mazda experience.

We are forever students of Mazda.