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On February 28, 2013, Kevin Pugh, owner of, published a forum post entitled, 
SURE Motorsports - Street Unit- - Design Flaws,Danger And Part Failures!
This publication makes statements regarding SURE Motorsports, as well as Street Unit Performance.

The following is an in-depth analysis of the claims made by Kevin Pugh in his publication,
divided into nine pages to correspond with the divisions originally made by Kevin Pugh.

Page 1 - "SURE Motorsports Design Flaws,Danger And Part Failures!"

Page 2 - "First Problems - SURE Aeros Intakes"

Page 3 - "SURE Halo Disaster"

Page 4 - "SURE Motor Mount Bushing Issues"

Page 5 - "The Final Straw - SURE Guerrilla Arm Dangers and Failures"

Page 6 - "SURE Shortcut Issues"

Page 7 - "Updated Aeros And TIG Issues"

Page 8 - "Social Media Coverup's"

Page 9 - "Conclusion"

Conclusion, Kevin Pugh's attempt to inform his readers fell short of providing credible, unbiased information.  The misleading and false statements may, or may not have been intended.  SURE Motorsports warrantied all affected products, assisted all affected customers, and made internal changes to its organization.