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WARRANTY UPGRADE -- Street Grade Polyurethane, Torq R3 Rear Engine Mount (SURE0507)

Component(s):  Street Grade Polyurethane
Product(s):  Torq R3 Rear Engine Mount (SURE0507)
Application(s):  2004–2011 Mazda3, 2006–2011 Mazda5, 2007–2009 Mazdaspeed 3, & 2010–2013 Mazdaspeed 3
Affected Date Range:  December 2010–August 2013

SUMMARY:  Torq R3 Street Grade polyurethane bushings were rated for up to 275WHP (more information). 

CONCERN:  Street Grade polyurethane in aggressive or over-powered applications may result in a shorter bushing lifespan.  Reduced performance and breakdown of polyurethane bushings may increase noise and vibration in the vehicle cabin. 

REMEDY:  SURE Motorsports will upgrade affected bushings to the new Class 1 polyurethane compound at no charge.  The Class 1 bushing is the new SURE Motorsports Street Grade polyurethane.  The Class 1 compound has improved rebound properties by increasing compression strength and material memory.  This upgraded bushing went into Torq R3 Engine Mounts starting August 2013.  New additional Class 2, Class 3 bushings will be available in 2014 for vehicles over 300 WHP.  

ACTION:  Inspect the Torq R3 bushings for signs of fatigue.  Contact SURE Motorsports to process a warranty.

NOTES:  There are no reports of fatigue in Track Grade polyurethane.

Photos below are of the new Class 1 Street Grade Polyurethane Bushing versus the old.

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