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WARRANTY UPGRADE -- Dreadnaught Rear Differential Brace (SURE0510 - Discontinued Model)

Product(s):  Dreadnaught Rear Differential Brace (SURE0510 - Discontinued Model)
Application(s):  2006–2007 Mazdaspeed 6
Affected Date Range:  December 2010–August 2011

SUMMARY:  The manufacturing process of the steel Dreadnaught (SURE0510 - Discontinued Model) was primarily manual fabrication.  Lack of material between the bushing ear and base plate may weaken the mount. 

CONCERN:  The Dreadnaught (SURE0510 - Discontinued Model) used by aggressive or high-powered vehicles may bend the driver side arm of the brace.  A Dreadnaught with a bent arm would alter placement of the rear differential and also may increase noise or vibration into the vehicle cabin.

REMEDY:   SURE Motorsports will upgrade affected steel Dreadnaught models (SURE0510 - Discontinued Model) with aluminum Dreadnaught models (SURE0514 - Current Model) at no charge.  The CNC machined aluminum Dreadnaught model was released September 2011 (SURE0514 - Current Model).

ACTION:  Inspect the driver side arm of the Dreadnaught (SURE0510 - Discontinued Model).  Contact SURE Motorsports to process a warranty.

NOTES:  This is an isolated incident related to fabrication during a specific production run.  6 units were affected. 

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