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SAFETY NOTICE -- Guerrilla Arm Camber Arms (SURE0603 - Discontinued)

Product(s):  Guerrilla Arm Camber Arms (SURE0603)
Application(s):  2004–2011 Mazda3, 2007–2009 Mazdaspeed 3, & 2010–2013 Mazdaspeed 3
Affected Date Range:  June 2012–February 2013

SUMMARY:  The Guerrilla Arm adjusts the degree of camber for the rear wheels.  The Guerrilla Arms have two pivot points.  Range of motion for the arms was limited during use. 

CONCERN:  Restricted movement of the arm transfers undesirable force into the arm components.  The arm's adjustable stainless steel rod can bend or shear. 

REMEDY:  SURE issued a Safety Notice March 6, 2013.  The notice was sent to all original purchasers via email and expedited shipment.  Additionally, a shipping box and shipping label were included for return of the Guerrilla Arms.  Customers received their choice of either 100% refund or 110% store credit upon return of arms.  An additional $100 SURE Motorsports store credit was issued to all customers returning arms within 30 days of March 6, 2013. 

ACTION:  If you currently own Guerrilla Arms, contact SURE Motorsports to process the return.

NOTES:  This product has been discontinued.  We have taken extensive measures to retrieve all Guerrilla Arms from the marketplace.  We have retrieved or replaced 32 of the 36 sets on the market.

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