The Ventus is Now Universal

The Ventus can easily be configured as a bypass or blowoff valve - now, for ANY application.


Universal Ventus Includes: (1) Ventus Body Assembly, (2) Vents, (1) Port, (1) Plug, (1) V-band Clamp, and (1) #430 Spring

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Posted on June 15, 2015 .

Reflections, and Looking Toward 2015

Cullen Mariacher SURE Motorsports CEO   

Cullen Mariacher
SURE Motorsports CEO


As we enter 2015, I'd like to take a moment to reflect on a few things that have come together here at SURE Motorsports.

Most importantly, we've welcomed John Nick, our new lead engineer - a performance enthusiast with a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and over 8 years of automotive experience. Together, we've released numerous new products and overhauled all of our polyurethane components. Our team has also produced 17 product installation and blog videos, and just recently rolled out the all new website. Our entire team here at SURE Motorsports has put a great deal of work into all of this, and I couldn't be more proud of each of them - and of course, a big thank you to all of our supporters.

Looking to the future, these next few years are going to be an exciting time for Mazda development. In addition to current Mazdaspeed vehicles, there is a new Mazdaspeed on the horizon that we can't wait to get our hands on. We believe in thinking differently and challenging the status quo with everything we do. We are dedicated to designing great-looking products that are built to last a lifetime and enhance your Mazda experience.

From myself and the entire SURE Motorsports team, thank you and here's to a truly great 2015.


A Look Back, from Inside SURE HQ

If you want to know what goes into the Aeros Intake System, check out  The Aeros Advantage

If you want to know what goes into the Aeros Intake System, check out The Aeros Advantage

The most popular short shift kit for Mazdaspeed vehicles today, with over 1,700 units on the market. Discover more:  ShortCut: None Taken

The most popular short shift kit for Mazdaspeed vehicles today, with over 1,700 units on the market. Discover more: ShortCut: None Taken

SURE Motorsports Lifetime Warranty   We are dedicated to designing products that are built to last a lifetime and enhance your Mazda experience.  All of our products, including polyurethane components, are backed by our  Lifetime Warranty .

SURE Motorsports Lifetime Warranty
We are dedicated to designing products that are built to last a lifetime and enhance your Mazda experience. All of our products, including polyurethane components, are backed by our Lifetime Warranty.


Engineer Spotlight

John Nick is the Lead Engineer here at SURE Motorsports. In addition to a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, John brings over 8 years automotive experience to the SURE Motorsports engineering team.  With a passion for automotive performance and racing engineering, John tackles every project with an unrivaled enthusiasm.

"My attention is on design, development, and validation. Taking this position has led to an increased amount of process and testing for our product line. This is necessary."

We take FULL responsibility of our product line -
Quality Assurance, Raising the Standard

See it go in before you purchase -  Installation Videos

See it go in before you purchase - Installation Videos

20 Months of Development -  A New Level of Urethane

20 Months of Development - A New Level of Urethane

See it, hear it -  SURE Aeros & Ventus in Action
The growing SURE Team:  SURE Sponsorship Program - Now Open

The growing SURE Team: SURE Sponsorship Program - Now Open

Stay tuned as we roll out more posts, products, and exciting Mazda news!

Article by Cullen

Posted on January 5, 2015 .

A New Level of Urethane - Now Available

For 20 months and 6 days, we've been hard at work overhauling our polyurethane components - but who's counting?  We are happy, no, we are really stoked to finally release our new SURE urethane. 

Our new polyurethane compounds have a new chemical profile which increases tensile strength, heat resistance, tear strength, longevity, and overall performance - better yet, there are now 3 levels of hardness to choose from.  What does this mean to you?  With the addition of this new urethane, you're able to achieve specific performance results based on your individual driving needs.

Our new Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 urethane

We'd like to introduce our 3 levels of polyurethane hardness: Class 1 (Street Grade), Class 2 (Aggressive Grade), and Class 3 (Track Grade).  We categorize these by horsepower level for each application, and factor in other variables such as use and driving characteristics.  Whether you're a warranty-minded Mazda owner, or have a high-horsepower track setup, we offer a urethane option perfect for you.  With a quick bushing swap, your mount is ready for the next stage of power. (Video: Rebuilding Engine Mounts)

CLASS 1 (Street Grade)

Max Power*:  275-325 WHP
Use:  Street
Driver:  Conservative
NVH:  Least
Durometer:  70A +/-2
Load Deflection:  1311.3 PSI @50%
Ult. Tensile:  1299.0 PSI
Tear Strength:  231.0 lbf/in
Density:  .0396 lb/in^3

CLASS 2 (Aggressive Grade)

Max Power*:  400-600 WHP
Use:  Street/Track
Driver:  Aggressive
NVH:  Moderate
Durometer:  88A +/-2
Load Deflection:  2511.7 PSI @50%
Ult. Tensile:  4493.1 PSI
Tear Strength:  641.0 lbf/in
Density:  .0392 lb/in^3

CLASS 3 (Track Grade)

Max Power*:  Unlimited
Use:  Street/Track
Driver:  Aggressive
NVH:  Most
Durometer:  96A +/-2
Load Deflection:  3625.0 PSI @50%
Ult. Tensile:  2412.9 PSI
Tear Strength:  450.1 lbf/in
Density:  .0407 lb/in^3

*Max Power - More specific wheel horsepower ranges are available for each engine mount application, see below. 

Our new polyurethane components can be found in the following powertrain products:

Mazdaspeed3 / Mazda 3

TORQ R3 Rear Engine Mount -- Available in:

Class 1 - Factory to 275 WHP (Street)
Class 2 - 275 to 400 WHP (Aggressive)
Class 3 - 400+ WHP (Track)

TORQ S3 Passenger Side Engine Mount -- Available in:

Class 1 - Factory to 325 WHP (Street)
Class 2 - 325 to 500 WHP (Aggressive)
Class 3 - 500+ WHP (Track)

TORQ S3 Driver Side Engine Mount -- Available in:

Class 1 - Factory to 325 WHP (Street)
Class 2 - 325 to 500 WHP (Aggressive)
Class 3 - 500+ WHP (Track)



TORQ R6 Rear Engine Mount -- Available in:

Class 1 - Factory to 300 WHP (Street)
Class 2 - 300 to 400 WHP (Aggressive)
Class 3 - 400+ WHP (Track)

TORQ S6 Passenger Side Engine Mount -- Available in:

Class 1 - Factory to 325 WHP (Street)
Class 2 - 325 to 500 WHP (Aggressive)
Class 3 - 500+ WHP (Track)

TORQ S6 Driver Side Engine Mount -- Available in:

Class 1 - Factory to 325 WHP (Street)
Class 2 - 325 to 500 WHP (Aggressive)
Class 3 - 500+ WHP (Track)

Juggernaught Front Differential Brace -- Available in:

Class 2 - Factory to 600 WHP (Aggressive)
Class 3 - Custom Shop Order

Dreadnaught Rear Differential Brace -- Available in:

Class 2 - Factory to 600 WHP (Aggressive)
Class 3 - Custom Shop Order


Mazda CX7

TORQ R7 Rear Engine Mount -- Available in:

Class 1 - Factory to 300 WHP (Street)


Mazda 2

TORQ R2 Rear Engine Mount -- Available in:

Class 1 - Factory to 300 WHP (Street)



In addition, we have also revised our sway bar bushings.  Our bushings are poured with our aggressive urethane and now include grease channels for an increase in lubrication retention. 

2007 - 2013 Mazdaspeed3 -- Front & Rear Sway Bar Bushings 

2006 - 2007 Mazdaspeed6 -- Front & Rear Sway Bar Bushings -- Coming Soon!



We offer an unconditional lifetime warranty on all of our bushings.

New SURE Urethane Bushings

Ready to upgrade your urethane? 
Head over to the SURE Powertrain Urethane Bushings page. If you'd like to discuss what urethane would be best for your use, please give us a call - we're glad to help.  As always, thank you for your support. 

Article by Cullen

Posted on July 1, 2014 .

The Sidewinder & Bigmouth: Under the Knife

We put our Sidewinder and Bigmouth under the knife to show them as you've never seen them before.  The Bigmouth and Sidewinder improve performance by streamlining airflow, maintaining a consistent boost pressure, insulating intake air, and increasing throttle response.  Let us introduce you to these powerful OEM replacements. 

OEM v. Bigmouth v. Sidewinder

(left) OEM turbo, turbo inlet, & intake hose - (center) the Bigmouth - (right) the Sidewinder

Handling of airflow is key to the performance and tuning of your Mazdaspeed vehicle.  We engineered components that are radically different in both appearance and performance from their OEM counterparts.  The factory intake hose and turbo inlet pipe direct airflow through ribbed sections, abrupt turns, and dimples.  This causes the airstream to tumble, creating turbulence and leading to power loss.  By removing these bottlenecks between the intake and the turbo, our products deliver consistent flow to the turbocharger. 

OEM turbo inlet pipe v. Sidewinder

Why choose the Sidewinder?  The Sidewinder is a modular turbo inlet pipe that mates to all OEM components, the Aeros SI Intake, and the Aeros ID300 Intake.  No modifications necessary.

OEM turbo inlet pipe & intake hose v. Bigmouth

Why choose the Bigmouth?  The Bigmouth is not restricted by factory fitment diameters.  This allows us to increase the inside diameter to 3", compared to the standard 2.25" diameter.  This 22" long piece of silicone combines the turbo inlet pipe and the intake tube into one solid component.

To learn more, explore the multiple Aeros Intake configurations here.


Dissection, a Look Inside

Wire and layers of nylon mesh are integrated into the silicone.  These structural features increase the strength of the hose and protect it from collapsing in forced induction intake systems.

Aluminum tubing v. multiple layered silicone.  Our Sidewinder and Bigmouth silicone insulates induction air from engine bay heat, maintaining lower intake temperatures than metal tubing alternatives.  By restricting heat penetration, silicone delivers lower intake temperatures.   

Heavy-duty, Crush-proof 6061-T6 Aluminum Couplers

Our heavy-duty anodized aluminum couplers are designed to withstand any clamping force required.  They are guaranteed to maintain their structural integrity when the clamp is secured around it, allowing you to create an extremely tight seal without any fear of damaging the part.

Premium Stealth Clamps

Stealth Clamps are included to fasten all mating locations to ensure a proper seal.  To shield the silicone from being cut into by the worm gear, our clamps have a protective interior liner.  Stealth Clamps are also plated with a proprietary formula for superior corrosion resistance. 

Avoid T-bolt Clamps! T-bolts do not distribute clamping force evenly around the circumference.  

Down to the Details

Turbo inlet vacuum port

Current vacuum port

Discontinued vacuum port (2011)

Typical vacuum fittings on the market are plastic, which can easily be broken during the installation and crack over time.  Our fittings are spun from 6061-T6 aluminum and anodized black for a protective finish.  

Throwback!  In 2011, we discontinued the original vacuum port design to transition to the current design.  This allowed us to completely remove the adhesive sealant from our assembly process.  Our current design features aggressive barbs that run along the input side of the vacuum port.  Once assembled, these barbs bite into the silicone, creating a near-permanent fit.

Turbocharger Air Delivery

Sidewinder mated to the 2" OEM K04 turbocharger

We believe education and knowledge are important to your Mazda experience.  If you have any questions about this post or any others, please give us a ring! 

Article by Cullen

Product page: Sidewinder

Product page: Bigmouth

Posted on March 29, 2014 .

The Aeros Advantage

In 2008, we set out to design the greatest possible intake for the Mazda platform.  Two years later, the Aeros was ready to take the Mazda driving experience to the next level.  With each spirited drive, the Aeros intake system increases horsepower, improves air flow, quickens throttle response, and screams like a mini jet engine - smiles guaranteed.

American Made Power

We use CAD to create the Aeros in 3D digital space.  This gives us the highest level of precision and allows us to call for very tight tolerances of +/- 0.003".  The model above is the Mass Air Flow (MAF) housing of the Aeros.

This is the heart of the Aeros in the making.  The MAF housing is CNC machined at a high tolerance from a block of 6061-T6 aluminum in a HAAS machining center, right here in the USA.

MAF housings before and after the anodizing process.  Along with the high quality finish, anodizing increases oxidation resistance.

The O-ring creates an airtight seal between the MAF housing and MAF sensor plate.

Purple Loctite 545 is used to seal the bolts of the MAF housing.

Chamfered Air Flow Straightener 

For the most advanced tuning results, our air flow straighteners are the key to a clean MAF signal.  So simple, yet so precise. 

CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, our air flow straighteners are ready for every situation, from normal street use to very precise advanced tuning.

The air flow straightener allows for a clean MAF signal to the PCM (ECU) - this is crucial for metered air entering the system.

To optimize airflow, the face of the straightener is chamfered to create a blade-like face.

Reusable Hybrid, Dry, & Oiled Filters

Our durable cotton/polyester fabric traps particles as small as 40 microns, and can be cleaned and reused.

Wire & Nylon Reinforced, Insulating Silicone

Wire and nylon mesh wrap the circumference of the silicone; this increases the strength of the hose, protecting it from collapsing in a forced induction intake system.

Aluminum tubing compared to our silicone hose.  Silicone material insulates induction air from engine bay heat.  By restricting heat penetration, we can maintain colder intake temperatures - unlike metal equivalents, which poorly shield from heat.

The Aeros Under Pressure

Watch our MAF housing take 45 PSI (pounds per square inch via gauge) or 59.7 PSI absolute pressure.

Mazdaspeed Aeros Lineup by MAF Size

The Aeros SI is our factory replacement intake housing.  It can be used with OE or aftermarket turbochargers.  It is guaranteed to never cause a check engine light.

The Aeros SI is our factory replacement intake housing.  It can be used with OE or aftermarket turbochargers.  It is guaranteed to never cause a check engine light.

The Aeros ID300 requires custom tuning.  It is compatible with all silicone components of the Aeros SI which makes for an easy upgrade to this larger MAF housing.

The Aeros ID300 requires custom tuning.  It is compatible with all silicone components of the Aeros SI which makes for an easy upgrade to this larger MAF housing.

The Aeros ID325 requires custom tuning.  It fits 4" turbochargers without having to relocate the PCM (ECU) or battery. 

The Aeros ID325 requires custom tuning.  It fits 4" turbochargers without having to relocate the PCM (ECU) or battery. 

The Aeros ID400 is the first of its kind.  Our proprietary dual airfoil design of the air flow straightener creates a clean signal for advanced tuning.  It measures 4" ID (inside diameter) from the front of the housing through to the turbo inlet.

The Aeros ID400 is the first of its kind.  Our proprietary dual airfoil design of the air flow straightener creates a clean signal for advanced tuning.  It measures 4" ID (inside diameter) from the front of the housing through to the turbo inlet.

How to correctly get dimensions: The images below show each component of our Full3 Aeros ID300 Intake System.  You'll notice a decrease in the diameter of each component from the filter to the turbo housing, maximizing space within factory restrictions.  (Click to enlarge photos)

Innovation & Development

We are dedicated to the innovation and development of the Aeros intake program.  As Mazda continues to produce great vehicles, we continue to grow our applications of Mazda Aeros intake systems.  Keep an eye out for the naturally aspirated applications, the ID400, and new filters for 2014. 

Enjoy the Aeros advantage, fellow Mazda enthusiasts. 

Article by Cullen

In April 2011, a design change was made to the Aeros SI MAF Housing.  To read about this warranty upgrade, visit the Aeros Warranty Upgrade page.

Product page: Aeros Intake System

Posted on March 26, 2014 .

Have what it takes? SURE Sponsorship Program, Now Open


We are excited to announce that the highly anticipated SURE Motorsports Sponsorship Program has rolled out for 2014! 

The program engages with Mazda enthusiasts and acknowledges them not just as a Mazda owner, but as part of the Mazda family.


The SURE Motorsports Sponsorship Program provides a unique opportunity to Mazda enthusiasts.  Our four-tiered ranking system allows sponsored drivers to be promoted based on their engagement. 


Benefits of the program include product discounts, early access to products, product testing, exclusive perks, special gifts, and much more.  


From everyone here at SURE HQ, we are excited to provide a strong sponsorship program for the Mazda platform. Thank you for reading and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


For more detailed information and to begin the application process for the program, visit the Sponsorship Page.


Article by Cullen


Posted on February 18, 2014 .

ShortCut: None Taken

Our ShortCut shift plate is precisely engineered for the best available shifting experience.

Preface: The SURE ShortCut was designed to improve upon the OEM transmission shifter assembly; by relocating the shifter cable mounting point closer to the center of the gear selecting input shaft, we create a shorter shift throughout all gears.

Let's examine the product further!  When we sat down to discuss this project (literally on our shop floor with a transmission), we saw numerous ways we could make this shift plate happen.  We wanted our ShortCut to be as close to factory as possible while optimizing performance and drivability.  What we ended up with was a product engineered specifically for Mazda vehicles that will outlast and outperform any design constrained by off-the-shelf parts.  The ShortCut was designed from the ground up by Mazdaspeed enthusiasts.

We chose a high-tolerance, CNC design to ensure the highest level of strength, performance, and drivability.  Machining the ShortCut from a solid block of 7075-T6 aluminum makes for a very strong, compact shift plate design - that means no fastened pieces to break loose from shifting or engine vibrations.  Collectively, ShortCut shift plates have accumulated an estimated 45 million miles of use on the road and track since their introduction in June, 2011.

Static Study: The images above demonstrate a finite element analysis (FEA) on the ShortCut.  The simulations show fixturing, amount of force, direction used to shift gears, fatigue locations, and factor of safety.  Our analysis used a cyclical motion for 40 million cycles (one cycle represents two shifts, a 'fore' and 'aft' shift motion).  The amount of force required to shift gears first through sixth is 10.0-12.5 lbs.  This analysis used a value of 25.0 lbs of force per shift.  This FEA shows a ShortCut after 80 million shifts.

The minimalistic design of the ShortCut has a very precise fit with the factory components.  We used our mobile Romer CMM (coordinate measuring machine) to get critical dimensions of the Shortcut and the space the ShortCut occupies inside the engine bay.  Our plate interlocks with the factory spherical ball joint and uses the two OEM bolt locations to fasten the plate to the factory gear selector bracket.  Installation is seamless - see for yourself.

The spherical post on our ShortCut requires a custom CNC cutter to make the ball joint identical to OEM specifications.  It fits the factory cable socket just like the factory ball joint does.  You like details?  So do we.  Notice the wider base of the ShortCut post - this increases the strength of the post without interfering with the clearance of the factory cable socket. 

The ShortCut plate slide-locks into place at the original spherical post.  The rigid locking design does not allow flex of the plate and minimally affects the energy as it travels through the shift plate.

To ensure the highest level of shifting and to keep a factory feel, our ShortCut keeps the ball joint as close to the original horizontal plane of the factory ball joint as possible.  If we were to extend the height of the spherical post, it would disrupt the energy used during shifting and also cause unwanted stress on the cable at the cable cradle.  Check out the low profile spherical post on the ShortCut!  How low is your spherical post?

Graphical representation of the disruption of energy with the use of a shift plate. 

The closer the ball joint is to the center point of the vertical gear selector shaft that enters the transmission, the shorter the shift will be.  However, if it gets too close, the rubber shift boot around the cable will contact the vertical gear selector bracket.  We hug this line to get the shortest, most fluid shift we possibly can.  Some would say to just raise the spherical ball joint, but that breaks cables and disrupts energy, making for a poor shift.

Directional collapse towards passenger side of vehicle

No directional collapse

Directional collapse towards driver side of vehicle

Our shift boot promise: The expanding and collapsing action of the factory shift boot varies from vehicle to vehicle.  The directional collapse of the shift boot determines how close the boot may come to the vertical gear selector.  We promise the SURE ShortCut shift plate will not interfere with your shifting or negatively affect your shift boot.  We guarantee every SURE product and are committed to satisfying our customers.  If you'd like to discuss your fitment with the SURE Motorsports team, please email

Did you know?  Regardless of the shifting components used, Mazda synchros do not like fast shifting.  The faster you shift, the more difficult it becomes to ensure proper engagement.  Professional Mazda drivers are taught to shift with control, rather than with speed.  If you feel you are having trouble shifting into a gear (e.g. second to third), try focusing on control.

Shifting with a ShortCut is faster because it is shorter, allowing for a safe shift speed, ideal for your Mazda synchros; no one likes to miss a shift.  Zoom-Zoom, my friends. 

Article by Cullen

From prototypes to final product

2010-11 design (left) compared to current design (right)

In July/August 2011, a design change was made to the ShortCut.  To read about this warranty upgrade, visit the ShortCut Warranty Upgrade page.

Product page: SURE ShortCut

Posted on February 13, 2014 .

SURE Aeros & Ventus In Action

Watch this dynamic combination in its full glory.  If you look closely, you'll be able to see the SURE Shortcut and SURE Counter Shift as they move through the gears as well.

Posted on September 25, 2013 .

SURE, Now Fueled by Red Bull

Effective immediately, every SURE Motorsports order will ship with a complementary can of Red Bull. 
**Plenty to go around, but while supplies last.**

Posted on August 23, 2013 .

Brace Yourselves, Here Comes the RDS-06

Time to kick excess chassis flexing and twisting to the curb!  The RDS-06 interior brace bar for the Mazdaspeed6 was designed to fight lateral body torsion in any driving situation.  After several years of development and vigorous field testing, this bar is ready to meet the most demanding performance needs of the all-wheel drive Mazdaspeed 6.

Installation of the brace is a breeze!  It is designed to bolt-on to existing factory mounting locations while maintaining all functionality of the rear seats and trunk.  No modification to the vehicle is required.  Pop it on, then rock and roll.    

The all-wheel drive powertrain of the Mazdaspeed6 creates an uneven, unwanted amount of chassis flex.  The gusseted-brackets in the design help increase rigidity of the brace in a lateral motion.  So go ahead, let the AWD rip!  This brace will help keep the AWD power of the MS6 in check.

At SURE, we pride ourselves not only in function, but equally in form.  We wanted our brace to not only compliment the OEM look of the chassis, but also look clean and professional.  We achieved this by powder coating the brace in a unique eco-friendly (recycled material base) satin black finish to ensure that the RDS-06 will look amazing for the life of the vehicle.

RDS-06 Benefits:
   Added chassis rigidity
   Increased traction
   Reduces body flex
   Improves turn-in

For more information, check out the RDS-06 Interior Chassis Brace product page.

The RDS-06 fits the 03-08 Mazda 6 & 06-07 Mazdaspeed 6.  We are currently accepting local Mazda 6 models for test fitting.  Please contact us if you are interested!  (Central Florida)

 Article by Steve

Posted on August 16, 2013 .

Video Install Guides for the Garage Warrior

View video library

View video library

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is priceless.  We feel that personally walking you through each installation is a valuable experience, before the purchase, and at the time of the install. 

In addition to including specific details for each product inside the product packaging (warnings, torque specs, Loctite, etc), we are building a video library that can be accessed at anytime from anywhere.  Each of our products will have a video install guide to help prepare you for a proper installation.

We have many more videos on the way, so please stay tuned for more high quality content from your team here at SURE Motorsports.  In the meantime, if you do have installation questions, please do not hesitate to ask our team of enthusiasts!

Install videos can be found in the main menu under Videos > Install Videos, or click here.



Article by Cullen 

Posted on July 1, 2013 .

Our Welds can take a Hammering

Cracks anyone?

Broken welds are not something you will see from a SURE Motorsports component.  Check out our video for some extreme weld integrity testing.  It's hammer-time. 

Posted on June 24, 2013 .

For the Love of Cornering, an RDS-05 Story


For the love of cornering is right.  We started this rear sway bar project in 2011 with a blade style bar.  This style is commonly used on the Mazdaspeed3 vehicles in the Grand Am Series.  We fab'd up some angle iron and 1-3/8 (35mm) round stock.  It was fairly quick to prototype and get on the car to test.  

The bar ended up with the nickname Iron Man.


After about 4 months in the field, we found that we needed a stiffer bar.  We wanted  to increase the stiffness (lbs/in) to combat the hatch of the 3 and get more oversteer.  The Grand AM MS3 vehicles use massive OTS (off the shelf) end-bar blades ($$$) and much thicker bar stock for their rear bars.  These bars do not fit in a factory application though... wheel out the cutting torch.  

We wanted to test a rear sway bar with increased stiffness similar to the Grand Am-style bar while still retaining the fitment to factory components.  With the added benefit of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) bending, the creation of this massive S.O.B. (Son-Ova-Bar) was possible.


This is our 1-3/8" (35mm) prototype bar bent via CNC bender.  It fits factory components with no cutting or welding.  We ran it for about 45 days and a couple hours on the interior road course at the Daytona International Speedway.  Although 35mm looks like a monster, it is too stout of a bar for the MS3, especially when using with the factory front sway bar.  This 35mm bar will be something we offer in the future, but it is completely unrealistic to use without an additional heavy front sway bar to compliment it. 


We liked where we were going with the CNC production process over the blade-style so we continued... 


The RDS-05 beta bars have performed as expected and compliments the factory front bar well, but not overbearing like the 35mm S.O.B. prototype.  The RDS-05 has 3 adjustment positions ranging from 922 lbs/in on the outside position to 1439 lbs/in on the inside position.  These stiffness values include a loss factor of 20% for endlink and polyurethane deflection.  Safety testing performed on the RDS-05 includes a stress analysis using SAE standards.  For track enthusiasts, keep an eye out for our front bar coming soon.  


RDS-05 Benefits:
   Reduces body roll
   Tighten cornering abilities
   Increases traction on cornering
   Better vehicle control
   Improves dynamic weight distribution

For more information, check out the RDS-05 Rear Anti-Roll Bar product page.

The RDS-05 fits the 2007-2009 and 2010-2013 Mazdaspeed 3 models.  We are currently accepting local Mazda 3 models for test fitting.  Please contact us if you are interested!  (Central Florida)

Article by Cullen 

Posted on June 21, 2013 .

Engine Mount Urethane for 2013/2014


This is how its been -- Our Street grade urethane is designed for street use and our Track grade urethane is designed for track use and hardcore enthusiasts.  

This is what is going on -- MZR horsepower capabilities have advanced significantly over the past 24 months and our urethane must evolve to take the power.  Bring on the power, our mounts can take it - time to beef up the poly.


This is what we are doing --  The goal for our urethane has always been to transfer the least amount of NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) into the cabin while recovering the most amount of engine output.  In other words, put the most amount of power to the asphalt without upsetting the wife.  

Our Street grade urethane transfers the least amount of NVH into the cabin while achieving the results of a solid engine mount.  Street grade urethane has a preferred horsepower usage up to 275 WHP (wheel horsepower) and minimal aggressive driving. This is for factory-friendly enthusiasts that want the least amount of NVH in to the cabin but the performance of a solid engine mount.  Aggressive driving and higher engine output will lower the lifespan of Street grade urethane. 

Track grade urethane's primary goal is to transfer the most amount of engine output to the wheels and transfer the least amount of NVH to the cabin.  Depending on the vehicle's power output and driving characteristics, this urethane will last indefinitely.


Fatigued Street Grade R3 urethane, 2.5 years old

Fatigued Street Grade R3 urethane, 2.5 years old


When we originally established Street and Track grade urethane (5 years ago), very few cars were able to achieve over 275 WHP.  Now, with upgraded CDFP internals (cam driven fuel pump) and tuning, over 275 WHP is fairly easy to obtain.  While there are other variables (driving characteristics, condition of other mounts, etc), engine output is a primary consideration when choosing urethane for your vehicle.  

The good news -- We are always improving our product line, so our urethane must evolve with this additional power.  The result is a new and improved approach to our urethane applications. Per mount, we are adding additional urethane options for more detailed urethane levels based off of wheel horsepower.  These additional urethane options allow for the end user to get the ideal urethane for their power output. 

We are releasing three additional urethane options for the R3, S3, R6, and S6 mounts for 2013/2014 - here is the initial launch:

R3 -- Urethane Options
         Class 1  - Factory to 275 WHP (Street) -- (New Formula Now Shipping)
         Class 2 - 275 to 400 WHP (Aggressive) -- (New Formula Now Shipping)
         Class 3 - 400+ WHP (Track) -- (New Formula Now Shipping)

S3 -- Urethane Options
         Class 1  - Factory to 275 WHP (Street) -- (New Formula Now Shipping)
         Class 2 - 275 to 400 WHP (Aggressive) -- (New Formula Now Shipping)
         Class 3 - 400+ WHP (Track) -- (New Formula Now Shipping)

R6 -- Urethane Options
         Class 1  - Factory to 275 WHP (Street) -- (New Formula Now Shipping)
         Class 2 - 275 to 400 WHP (Aggressive) -- (New Formula Now Shipping)
         Class 3 - 400+ WHP (Track) -- (New Formula Now Shipping)

S6 -- Urethane Options
         Class 1  - Factory to 275 WHP (Street) -- (New Formula Now Shipping)
         Class 2 - 275 to 400 WHP (Aggressive) -- (New Formula Now Shipping)
         Class 3 - 400+ WHP (Track) -- (New Formula Now Shipping)


Urethane Updates:

Class 1, Class 2, & Class 3 Polyurethane -- As of June 23, 2014, all engine and differential mounts are now shipping with the new and improved Class 1, 2, or 3 urethane. 

S3/S6 Passenger Side -- Street Urethane formula is new and improved as of May 2013. Hardness was increased for a longer lifespan, minimal NVH change.

Our urethane is a wear component - however, we cover it under our lifetime warranty.  Thank you for reading, more details to come!

Article by Cullen 

Posted on June 7, 2013 .

Quality Assurance, Raising the Standard


Our Quality Assurance Cards are about accountability.  When you cut the box seal and open your new SURE package, we are accountable for that entire SURE experience.

Each initial found on the QA cards represent accountability taken by each of the technicians that assembled and signed off on each product.  A minimum of three qualified technicians are required to sign off on each product.  


Nick here again, Assembly Manager and CX7 owner.  I have spent thousands of hours working with our product line and my assembly team.  With each product that we build, comes confidence that each product is delivered to spec.  It is our guarantee that you receive a product that functions above and beyond all of your expectations.  If not, you know my name and I am a phone call away.  Thank you for the support.

Article by Nick



Posted on May 10, 2013 .

DIY: Rebuilding an Engine Mount

One thing you might ask before replacing your urethane bushings is: “What grade urethane do I need?” To help with this, check out our other posts on urethane:  Polyurethane 101 & SURE Urethane 2013.


My name is Nick, Assembly Manager here at SURE Motorsports.  Below is my step-by-step rebuild guide for our Torq R3 engine mount.

Rebuild Guide:
Quick notes:  Make sure your engine mount is not hot before handling.  For this DIY, an arbor press is recommended, a vice may also work.  Only use water as lubrication.

1.       Remove the bolt sleeve; use an object to press the bolt sleeve out of the urethane.

2.       Remove the polyurethane pucks.  Clean the mount and bolt sleeve as needed.

3.       ONLY use water as a lubricant.  Press the replacement urethane in so they are flush to the mount housing.  NOTE: Other lubricants can cause urethane to slip out of the mount and also break down the urethane. 

4.       Use the arbor press to reinsert the bolt sleeve.  Make sure the bolt sleeve is completely flush with the mount.

And there you have it, your replacement urethane is now installed.  Check out the demonstration video below and stay tuned for more informational DIY posts in the future!

Article by Nick 

Posted on May 1, 2013 .

Polyurethane 101

When it comes to dampening, urethane durometer is very important, as well as volume of urethane, and quality of urethane.  Replacing your engine or differential mounts require more than picking a bushing durometer. 

Durometer, volume of urethane, and grade of urethane (or other material) all directly influence the transfer of power to the wheels, the transfer of NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) into the cabin, and the longevity of the urethane. 


The Perfect Polyurethane: The perfect urethane would transfer all engine output to the wheels, transfer no NVH into the cabin, and the urethane would last indefinitely.  At this time, this is not a perfect world and this urethane does not exist -- don't get bummed out, let's go on. 


INTO THE BUSH: Understanding Urethane

What is Durometer?  Durometer is the hardness value of the polyurethane.  To determine the hardness, or resistance of indentation, we use a Shore Durometer gauge to penetrate the urethane sample.  The Type A hardness scale ranges from 0 to 100.  All of our urethane falls between 70A and 96A durometer.  

What happens when hardness increases? 
   - Noise, vibration, and harshness increases
   - Performance/output increases
   - Longevity increases
As engine output is increased, so should the durometer of the bushing.  

What should I expect with a softer bushing?  
   - Minimal NVH in to the cabin
   - Performance of a solid engine mount
   - Longevity is determined by engine output and driving characteristics

How does engine output or horsepower relate to urethane?  The more load placed on the engine/differential mount, the harder the urethane should be.  Choosing the correct urethane for your engine output and driving characteristics will directly relate to the lifespan of the urethane.


What does the volume of material have to do with NVH?  Depending on the application and confinements of the engine bay dimensions, by using a larger bushing, we can dissipate more noise, vibration, and harshness.  Our bushings are not off-the-shelf parts; we design each mount around the optimal size bushing for each application.


How do I get the most power to the wheels?  If your primary goal is power, go with a high durometer urethane option.  The harder the urethane, the least amount of power lost in the drivetrain and the most amount of power transferred to the wheels.  With a high durometer value comes more NVH! 



We use virgin urethane (no additives) in all of our urethane products.  Additives, lesser grade urethane, and rubber, typically shorten the life of the bushing, something we are not interested in.  

We are constantly refining our urethane specs for all of our applications.  It is a continued effort to yield the highest amount of performance, the least amount of NVH, and the longest lifespan of the bushing.  

Want some facts on our urethane?

-- Engine mount polyurethane is covered by our lifetime warranty
-- Our first engine mount was designed in 2005
-- S3 mounts with track urethane were tested on a 600+ WHP MS3
-- Track grade urethane has a flawless record
-- Juggernaught & Dreadnaught urethane has a flawless record  
-- We have replaced all fatigued urethane regardless of cause
-- Our warranty rate on our engine mount urethane is 1.31%
-- All of our mounts are rebuildable and service can be done here at no charge, even on mounts purchased second-hand (DIY urethane rebuild entry)

Thank you for the support.  If you have any additional questions, give us a shout!

Article by Cullen

Posted on April 15, 2013 .

C.J. Wilson's Children's Charities Partnership

SURE Motorsports has proudly partnered with C.J. Wilson's Children's Charities (501c3) to help bring a brighter future to children across the nation.  Everyone here at SURE is passionate about this cause and pleased to assist the CJWCC team in their efforts to make a difference in children's lives.  To show our support, we are donating a portion of every SURE order to the CJWCC.  We feel that together with C.J., we can all make a difference.


Inspiration for the charity came to C.J. after meeting a young boy named Micah at a children's hospital in Texas.  Micah, who suffers from severe hemophilia, was beyond ecstatic when C.J. and his teammates stepped in the room.  “His face just lit up when he saw me and the Rangers there,”  said Wilson. “I never realized somebody in the hospital could be so positive. He was such a happy kid and I gave him a big hug.”  Shortly after this experience, C.J. Wilson's Children's Charities was started.


We are very excited about this unique opportunity, and look forward to building our partnership with C.J. Wilson's Children's Charities.  It is our sincere pleasure to work with such a great organization.  Click here for more information on CJWCC and for ways you can get involved.

Article by Steve 

Posted on April 2, 2013 .

The Art of TIG

Welding is not just a part of our fabrication process, it is a functional form of art that fuses our components together.  This structural process has to last indefinitely and look great. 

When we work with stainless steel, we leave it bare to show off the natural effects of the stainless steel materials and the TIG welded joints.  Stainless steel does not require us to use a powder coat finish to prevent oxidation, rust, or rot.  When we use cold rolled or carbon steel, we finish it with a satin black powder coat. 

Torq S6 Passenger TIG welded gussets. 

Torq S3 Driver TIG welded gusset.  

RDS-06 Interior Bar TIG welded carbon steel powder coated.

M6 Track Pipe TIG welded flange.

Here is a look at TIG welding our M3 Track Pipe.  This is made in America, made right here at SURE HQ.  Thank you for watching.

Article by Cullen

Posted on March 1, 2013 .

The Rolex 24 Experience

Setting up in the Daytona Infield

Setting up in the Daytona Infield

The Rolex 24 endurance race tore through the Daytona International Speedway, and we made sure to take in every adrenaline soaked moment!  With thanks to Marlon Sumlin, we were able to go behind the scenes with several Mazdaspeed race teams.  The new Mazda 6 is beautiful, and it's going to be an exciting year for Mazda performance!

Making its first ever circuit debut, the 2014 Mazda6 Skyactiv-D twin-turbo diesel team came out to showcase Mazda's newest family member.  According to the SpeedSource #70 race team (see image to right) this competition variant is able to put down a track usable 445 ft/lbs of torque.  We had a field day inspecting the inner workings of this track prototype.  We seriously can't wait to get our hands on one of these speed hogs!  

Mazda Corporate was in attendance, represented by the president and CEO of Mazda North American Operations, James O'Sullivan (pictured far left).  To his right is Masahiro Moro, Executive Officer of Mazda Japan.  We were able to have a quick conversation with Mr. O'Sullivan to express our gratitude for allowing us to work with such a great platform.  While giving a speech to a crowd of Mazda enthusiasts, someone asked where it was possible to purchase a Mazda cap.  Without hesitation, O'Sullivan took off the hat he was wearing and gave it to the man. It's great to see the President of Mazda so accessible and caring for the community.

An interesting highlight of the event,  we ran into pro baseball pitcher (and car lover) CJ Wilson!  He was there in support of the CJ Wilson Race Team participating that day. During a brief chat, we discussed possible joint efforts between SURE and CJ Wilson's organizations, so stay tuned for possible exciting updates on that in the near future!


Click The Video Below To Watch A Driver Change With Eric Foss! 

Article by Steve 

Posted on January 30, 2013 .