The Sidewinder & Bigmouth: Under the Knife

We put our Sidewinder and Bigmouth under the knife to show them as you've never seen them before.  The Bigmouth and Sidewinder improve performance by streamlining airflow, maintaining a consistent boost pressure, insulating intake air, and increasing throttle response.  Let us introduce you to these powerful OEM replacements. 

OEM v. Bigmouth v. Sidewinder

(left) OEM turbo, turbo inlet, & intake hose - (center) the Bigmouth - (right) the Sidewinder

Handling of airflow is key to the performance and tuning of your Mazdaspeed vehicle.  We engineered components that are radically different in both appearance and performance from their OEM counterparts.  The factory intake hose and turbo inlet pipe direct airflow through ribbed sections, abrupt turns, and dimples.  This causes the airstream to tumble, creating turbulence and leading to power loss.  By removing these bottlenecks between the intake and the turbo, our products deliver consistent flow to the turbocharger. 

OEM turbo inlet pipe v. Sidewinder

Why choose the Sidewinder?  The Sidewinder is a modular turbo inlet pipe that mates to all OEM components, the Aeros SI Intake, and the Aeros ID300 Intake.  No modifications necessary.

OEM turbo inlet pipe & intake hose v. Bigmouth

Why choose the Bigmouth?  The Bigmouth is not restricted by factory fitment diameters.  This allows us to increase the inside diameter to 3", compared to the standard 2.25" diameter.  This 22" long piece of silicone combines the turbo inlet pipe and the intake tube into one solid component.

To learn more, explore the multiple Aeros Intake configurations here.


Dissection, a Look Inside

Wire and layers of nylon mesh are integrated into the silicone.  These structural features increase the strength of the hose and protect it from collapsing in forced induction intake systems.

Aluminum tubing v. multiple layered silicone.  Our Sidewinder and Bigmouth silicone insulates induction air from engine bay heat, maintaining lower intake temperatures than metal tubing alternatives.  By restricting heat penetration, silicone delivers lower intake temperatures.   

Heavy-duty, Crush-proof 6061-T6 Aluminum Couplers

Our heavy-duty anodized aluminum couplers are designed to withstand any clamping force required.  They are guaranteed to maintain their structural integrity when the clamp is secured around it, allowing you to create an extremely tight seal without any fear of damaging the part.

Premium Stealth Clamps

Stealth Clamps are included to fasten all mating locations to ensure a proper seal.  To shield the silicone from being cut into by the worm gear, our clamps have a protective interior liner.  Stealth Clamps are also plated with a proprietary formula for superior corrosion resistance. 

Avoid T-bolt Clamps! T-bolts do not distribute clamping force evenly around the circumference.  

Down to the Details

Turbo inlet vacuum port

Current vacuum port

Discontinued vacuum port (2011)

Typical vacuum fittings on the market are plastic, which can easily be broken during the installation and crack over time.  Our fittings are spun from 6061-T6 aluminum and anodized black for a protective finish.  

Throwback!  In 2011, we discontinued the original vacuum port design to transition to the current design.  This allowed us to completely remove the adhesive sealant from our assembly process.  Our current design features aggressive barbs that run along the input side of the vacuum port.  Once assembled, these barbs bite into the silicone, creating a near-permanent fit.

Turbocharger Air Delivery

Sidewinder mated to the 2" OEM K04 turbocharger

We believe education and knowledge are important to your Mazda experience.  If you have any questions about this post or any others, please give us a ring! 

Article by Cullen

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Posted on March 29, 2014 .