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June 13, 2015

Hello All -

Let’s clear some air and talk about some controversial topics. As the owner and founder of SURE Motorsports and Street Unit Performance, I enjoy open lines of communication with Mazda enthusiasts via phone, email, text, and in person. That has been true for the past 13 years of working with Mazdas. Unfortunately, myself, our team, and our supporters, have been banned and silenced on and, in addition to being blocked from posting on various FB groups (see below). This has allowed misleading information to spread online as credible. Being a passionate Mazda enthusiast and entrepreneur, I enjoy constructive conversations where respect is shared by fellow enthusiasts. Unfortunately, we all know this is not always the case on the internet today; the negative environment online has taken a toll on Mazda camaraderie over the past 7 years. Mazda leaders, forum owners, and the community can change this; we can all demand a greater level of respect for each other and lead by example. The Code is our organization's initiative, check it out here:

Those that know me can vouch for our operation and business ethics. For those that do not, please give us the benefit of the doubt and investigate more into the common misleading rhetoric that is so easily spread on the internet today. Product issues that have occurred in our past are transparent and documented in our blog, Each and every day, we strive to provide the very best experience for Mazda enthusiasts. We are an American company making American-made products with a Lifetime warranty - we don't give up.

I have put together some important information and links to cover some misunderstood topics.

Mazdas247 forum ban: In 2006, frivolous accusations from Ken Miller, the owner of Protégé Garage (no longer in business) led to the ban of Street Unit Performance from I addressed and clarified these accusations in an email to Ken and Antoine Tokar, the forum owner. Antoine still chose to ban and censor us from his forum. I have made the complete Antoine/Ken email correspondence public so you can decide for yourself if Antoine and his Moderation team made the right decision:

Additional reference: forum ban: In 2013, we were banned from by Kevin Pugh, owner of A few days later, Kevin Pugh posted a write-up riddled with false and misleading information boasting, "we have successfully overthrown 17 companies." Read an unbiased analysis on how Kevin Pugh misinformed his readers to promote his own agenda:  Direct link -

MSF Personal Attacks: In addition to being removed from MSF, Kevin Pugh and his MSF Super Moderator, Eric Singer (AKA Raider), hurled personal attacks at myself and my fiancé. Eric Singer went as far as saying "Why not collect $ to have some gang burn down [SURE's] building?" and continued on to say, "go pay a crackhead $20 to do it."

Mazda 626 Manifolds: Circa 2005, some Mazda guys will reference MSP intake plenums or 626 manifolds because I believe they think we were selling refinished junk yard manifolds for $500 - this was never the case. We originally shipped in new, single runner manifolds and EGR pipes to fit the Mazdaspeed Protege and were sold in the $500 price range. A couple weeks after releasing the manifold, a Mazda 626 owner let us know that his 626 manifold looked identical to our unit. Shortly thereafter, we confirmed fitment and used new 626 model manifolds to replace the more expensive original imported units. These single runner manifolds are still available here:

To be clear, 100% of our manifold inventory has always been brand new and unused. We never sold or had possession of refurbished or junk yard manifolds. Upon learning about the similarities between the two manifolds, Ken Miller of Protege Garage, began purchasing 626 manifolds from junk yards and selling them in the range of $275 on his website. I believe this is where the confusion was, however my company never bought or sold any junk yard or used 626 manifolds. Here are photos of the Protege Garage junk yard manifold repainted with silver spray paint. Photo credits to Ken Miller, owner of Protege Garage:

Here is more information on SURE Motorsports products and our company -

Blog: SURE HQ is a transparent look inside of what we do. We go into thorough detail on our product line and our processes, take a look here:

History: To learn more about the history of SURE Motorsports, visit:

Lifetime Warranty: We offer a Lifetime Warranty on our entire product line, made in the USA:

Warrantied Products: Detailed accounts of our Lifetime Warranty can be viewed here, not one customer left behind:

I hope this helps Mazda enthusiasts better understand our past. Our future is dedicated to designing American-made products that are built to last a lifetime. I look forward to further discussions anyone may have. Please share this information with fellow Mazda enthusiasts and thank you for reading.


Cullen Mariacher
Owner & Founder